Vertical injection molding machine     with double shuttle table

Rotational injection molding machine
 30~110 Tons  55~110 Tons

Plastic injection molding machine      with L shape shuttle table

Dual colors rotational molding machines
 30 ~110Tons  75~140 Tons

Insert molding machine                        with single shuttle table

Co injection molding machine        Dual color injection molding machine
 30 ~110 Tons  75~140 Tons

Vertical  plastic injection molding machine      

Bakelite injection molding machine
 19 ~ 110 Tons , 4 tie bars type  30~110 Tons
Over  molding machine  

Plastic injection molding machine Computer NC monitor controller
 14 ~19 Tons , 2 tie bars type
Photo of applied products 

Plastic injection molding machine     TA-201 program controller
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